We have wonderful Kittens with deep blue eyes!


Spreewood White Edition

blue lynx point Boy - sold


Spreewood White Shadow

seal lynx point Boy - sold



Spreewood ......

tortie lynx point Girl - stay




If you are interested in one of our babies, please write to us or send us a online Inquiry



Please look on this page, which kittens are now available



Would you like to know more about our planned litters,

please Send us an e-mail





Spreewood is NOT a pet shop and we reserve the right

to place our kitties where we see fit.

Spreewood reserved the right of refusal for the

sale of any kitten pictured

on this web-page at anytime and without explanation.


Our Kittens are firmly booked only

after a deposit!

Deposits are not refunded if you reserved the kitten

and then no longer want and the Deposit

will not be transferred to other kittens,

if there is no clear reason!!!!



phone +49 (0) 35433 - 59956

we do ship worldwide


Thank you for visiting Spreewood Himalayans.

Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a Himalayan.


Here they see the babies which were born in our Cattery.



Available: This kitten is for sale.

Reserved: We have a serious buyer interested

in the kitten with no deposit given at this time.

We reserve our selves the right of refusal if another buyer

expresses interest in the kitten and

there is no commitment to the first party.

Sale Pending : Deposit paid on kitten.

This kitten will be held for the buyer until the time

full payment is due.


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