So that our kittens have a good start in a long cat's life,

the little ones become from the outset, fully included in our family life.

A good Sozialisierung and the contact with congeners,

as well as with our children, is very important to us.

This is reflected in the charming and cuddly being of our kittens again.

Our babies are accustomed from 4 weeks to steady food

and do at that time also well in her "little loo"

Our kittens leave our house with 14 weeks at the earliest.

Then they are wormed several times, 2 x are inoculated and in the possession

pedigree from KFLN e.V.

Our kittens are delivered only with a contract. Lover's animals (Pets)

are to be castrated with 8-10 months according to contract.

The proof about that must be produced.



Krankenkassen Beitragssätze